Yagrumbok SSEC Missions Conference Part 3

The second part of this series can be read here.

Haus Kuk (Kitchen)

There were many mouths to feed at the conference!

There was a makeshift kitchen that was set up to feed the large group of people who had traveled long distances to be there. They cooked very large pots of rice, greens, sweet potato, and sago. When you brought your plate to the counter, they would take it and fill it up for you.

Papua New Guinea culture is a very relational culture. All of our free time during the afternoons and late into the night were spent “storying” with groups of people. We talked about a broad range of topics and made some good friends.


These young kids are looking at their reflection in the little TV.

Saturday night they showed the movie “The end of the spear” on a 14″ TV at the front of the church. Around 300 people were inside and outside the church watching the movie for three hours. This movie is very powerful and the people can really identify with the movie. The message of forgiveness and sacrifice really touches deep issues within this culture.

Holding a Candle

This representative holds her candle.

Sunday morning Simon (an SSEC leader) challenged the people to have dreams for their future and to ask God what he wants their dreams to be. The time ended when he called representatives for each group present to the front to hold a candle representing a passing on of the torch and to carry the light to the rest of the world. This was done to the song “Go light your world” by Chris Rice.


Lunch is served!

Afterwards we had a meal with rice, greens, sago, and pork meat. On Monday we left early and had another “sickening” ride back in the ambulance.

We had a wonderful time getting to know people and talking with them for hours at a time. We ourselves were also challenged by things that they shared. I’m sure we’ll have more opportunities to do this kind of thing again. Thank you to the SSEC for their invitation and Melanesian hospitality.

More photos can be found below.


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