Yagrumbok SSEC Missions Conference Part 2

Part 1 about how we traveled to Yagrumbok and the start of our welcome can be seen and read about here.

Conch Shell

The man in the middle is blowing into a conch shell.

The singsing group led us towards the church where the missions conference was to be held. When we were close to the church the singsing group parted ranks and we walked between them until we passed them.

Tambourine Corp

This tambourine corp escorted us the rest of the way to the church.

From this point until we arrived at the church, a worship team with a tambourine group led us with worship songs. As we walked in the church a group of ladies greeted us with leis around our necks and white powder on our heads.

Inside the Church

The church, both inside and outside, was packed.

The church was simple and typical with three rows of planks set on massive bamboo poles that ran the entire length of the church. The floor was dirt and the sides were open. The church filled with people and the rest stood or sat around the outside of the church to hear what was said.

For the next two days Rocky and I shared in six sessions. We shared:

  • our testimonies
  • that you need to be a disciple before you can make disciples
  • how Satan is a squatter without rights in our lives and we should not be afraid of him and we should reclaim areas that he has taken over
  • the world missions movement
  • a challenge to move from a receiving nation to a sending nation
Carrying a Speaker

Our replacement speaker arrives lashed to a bamboo pole.

Part way through the time there the only speaker quit working. They dispatched a team to collect another speaker that was several hours away. After walking there and back on muddy roads and paths, they arrived carrying the speaker between them lashed to a bamboo pole. Bamboo is very useful!

More pictures can be found below. The final part of this story will be coming soon.


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