Hide and Seek with UPS – Answered Prayer

Hide and seek with United Parcel Service (UPS)


Setting up the computers in my little office.

Today I (Sam) am traveling to Liberia, West Africa, to help lead an Oral Bible Translation course. I needed two things to come this week, my visa and a box of computers to take with me.

My visa arrived on Tuesday! The computers were supposed to arrive on Wednesday.

After being out all day for delivery but never showing up, I called the UPS dispatcher at 5:30 pm to see where it was. In the process, we discovered that the address on the package had two numbers transposed and it was wrong.

I really needed the computers before I left in order for the course to start!


This is the Render software used to do oral translation. First the person listens to the passage, then the person records his translation.

Thirty minutes after calling, the doorbell rang. It was the UPS man!

He stopped here because he knew our landlords (who live above us) and he wanted to know if they knew where I lived!

Thanks to the extra effort by the UPS man (and a little prompting from the Lord), I now have everything needed to travel.

I will be in Liberia for three weeks to help two languages in Liberia do oral translation.

Pray for all our luggage to arrive (with the equipment) and that many passages can be translated well. Pray that I can learn what is needed to be able to run these courses in Papua New Guinea.

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