Drive to Water Sikau and back

On Monday I had the privileged of riding along to pick up a translator from the village where she lives and bring her back to Wewak. Well, almost from where she lives and works. The last stretch of road was impassable even for our 4×4 due to mud so she had to hike 2.5 hours to meet us at a better road. It took us 11 hours to cover the 200 miles round trip. That same trip would have taken only 1 hour flight time in a small single engine airplane.

Driving anywhere is always an adventure. You have to avoid the pigs, dogs, and people on the road. The bone jarring potholes make you wish you had remembered to bring a pillow to sit on, but the breathtaking scenery never gets old.


Facinating mix

I was struck by the merging of the old and the new along the Sepik “highway”. Kit homes stand next to traditional houses. Sometimes the traditional houses have tin roofs.


I also saw and learned some new things, such as the grandma carrying a huge load of natural bedding material, and a vine the thickness of a golf ball being rolled up in a ball so it could be more easily carried.

Life is always fascinating here.


  1. Thank you for taking time to blog. It helps me feel closer to you all when I can see some of what you do and what you see in your daily life there. It helps me know better how to pray more specifically for you.

    I pray God’s blessings on you as you serve Him where He has placed you.

    Love to you all.

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