What is this blog is about?

I’ve been mulling over why I write this blog (or sometimes why I don’t write) and what the purpose of this blog should be. Most people say to blog about your passion. I think that is probably good advice.

I have two very big passions in my life. One is Papua New Guinea and the people in it. I have lived in Papua


Every Sunday at church or any other gathering there are amazing tropical flower arrangements I never get tired of looking at!

New Guinea since 2001. It hasn’t always been easy, but then life isn’t always easy no matter where you live. Papua New Guinea is so unique in countless ways. It has 12% of the worlds languages in a population of 7 million people. It has one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world. I think the huge cultural stress of rapid development and religion change would be an anthropologist’s doctorate thesis dream.

But even better than that is the culture and the people which have taught me many things and enriched my life and faith and my family. Just ask my kids what they think of growing up in Papua New Guinea.

The change in my beliefs and Christian worldview brings me to my second passion which is God. I really like helping people know God more and I like to challenge their beliefs and Christian worldview the same as PNG culture and people have challenged mine.

As I’ve mulled over this it has helped me better focus on what this blog should be about. It should be about the wonderful place called Papua New Guinea and the people of Papua New Guinea, and it should be about God. Especially where the two intersect.

My new October resolution is to write about these things at least once a week, and I hope you will find this blog interesting and at times, challenging.

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