Weekly review

Our family really enjoyed the Christmas break. The amount of fireworks that were set off at midnight on New Years Eve was amazing! Things very quickly became busy as we prepared for the church leadership meeting that happened on the 10th. The churches set up the “Sepik Churches in Partnership for Christ” to work together with each other and missions to see God’s Word have an impact in peoples lives across the Sepik! This is a major milestone. More about this meeting can be found here.

On Wednesday (11) I traveled from Wewak to Ukarumpa for meetings. I left at 4:00 AM and arrived at 5:00 PM. I traveled on 1 airplane and 3 Public Motor Vehicles (PMV) which is its own story that I will tell soon. Thursday and Friday I had meetings for Church Engagement to discuss strategy and where we are going this new year. Too bad I had to spend my birthday away from home.

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