Week in review

Once again our primary internet provider is not working. They “lost our account” and, now that they’ve found it, I still cannot connect. This is now week 2 on our backup provider. With our backup internet provider, we can connect fine between 2-4 AM. Any other time is slow if you can connect at all. Slow means that the old time dialup looks like a T1 connection.

This week’s big focus was the 3 day denominational and mission partnership conference. Deb and others were kept busy preparing breaks and lunches and cleaning up. My job was to run the microphone, share devotions, and make sure everything ran smoothly. In between all this, I continued to meet people and build relationships which is key in this culture. Out of the 24 denominations and missions invited, all but 2 showed up. This is a phenomenal success rate that shows that this subject is dear to everyone’s heart and was probably helped because I contacted everyone about 3 times before the conference.

The goal of this conference was to see the different denominations and missions come together as one for the purpose of transforming lives and communities in the Sepik region with the Word of God, and to see the Church of Papua New Guinea take the initiative and leadership in language development and translation work. With over 200 languages in the Sepik region, and half of those have no Scripture in their language, there is a lot of work to be done. To make it even harder, most of the places are very rural and have no road access. Many have limited health, literacy, and education options.

By the end of the conference, the denominational leaders decided that they would meet again on January 10th for the purpose of setting up a structure that would oversee this work as well as select one of the needs of the rural people as a pilot project for this group. Awesome! This was a hoped for result but one that was entirely out of our hands since it had to be the churches of PNG that decide to do this and not us. I believe great things are going to happen as the result of this.

Friday was spent wrapping up loose ends. We also went to the fish market to get a big, fresh fish for tomorrow’s supper. Yum! Someday, I’ll have to take a picture. Tomorrow looks like a good day to go to the beach, swim, and dream some more of ways to help in PNG.

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