Week in Review – Nov 19, 2013

I am now in Ukarumpa for meetings. Ukarumpa is a 1.5 hour flight from Wewak in our mission’s small airplane. There are no roads that connect the two places. The good news is I’ll see my son for the next two weeks. The bad news is I will be gone from my wife and daughter for over three weeks. I am also able to see a lot of old friends, both Papua New Guinean and missionary.

I’m staying with my son who lives with a family who have eighth grade twin boys. One night it turned into a free for all wrestling match. My son Nathanael is only in ninth grade but he is my size and also stronger than me. By the end I was too tired to do anything but try to put him in a restricting hold and hang on. He also plays on the high school soccer team. The community put a soccer team together to play them and I played goalie. It’s been a long time since I played keeper! Between wrestling and soccer, I’ve stayed sore all week.

Deb and Abigail leave this Thursday to go to Yabru, a remote village in Sandaun province. They will spend two weeks there helping teachers with new literacy material and helping to organize the remaining material. They will not have any phone capability, no internet, and very slooooow email over HF radio. Speaking of slow, my internet is also very slow and I’m struggling just to get this post done.

The pastors in Wewak had a fellowship on Saturday to say goodbye to two pastors. I was already in Ukarumpa so I missed the gathering. I wish I had been able to attend.

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