Week in review

Contrary to the amount of writing I’ve done lately, there has been a lot happening. Our son Nathanael has spent the last 5 weeks with us but leaves this week for Ukarumpa where he will continue his 9th grade education. Christmas and New years was a good time of family and traditions. At midnight on New Years Eve we were treated to a 45 minute firework spectacular as the whole neighborhood sent up fireworks and had informal contests for best display. Not even the rain could dampen the spirit.

Smucker family

Our Christmas photo. From left to right; Sam, Abigail, Nathanael, and Deb

In the beginning of February, we will be starting our second intake of Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS). In an oral society, stories are how information is passed down generation after generation. OBS taps into this tradition to share stories from the Bible in their language. Lessons are hopefully learned and applied with the end result of changed lives and transformed communities.

We have invited 7 different languages that have never had written material in their language. The 8th group will be using Tok Pisin, one of three national languages. I’ve taken several trips by motorcycle and car to different language groups to invite them and lay the groundwork for them coming.

Our guest house managers that manage the 15 room mission guest house (and 3 employees) where we live have had to depart for several months. They also were in charge of organizing workshops. This has by default fallen to us. We are now the only ones from our mission living here.

I’ll be writing more soon about different experiences I have had recently.

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