Week in review

This will be for the last 2 weeks since I missed last week. I continue to tweak the network and make sure the vsat is working. It is SOOOO wonderful to have internet all the time! I’ve added a shared web calendar for everyone here to use as well.

We are also trying to make decisions related to our return to the USA for a year (called furlough). We plan to leave sometime in July and some of the decisions we are struggling with are where will we live, what school will our kids attend, and what is the cheapest way home. Not exactly small, easy decisions. After many hours searching on the internet, it looks like it will cost us $6000 to $7000 for our family of four to return to the USA. It’s too bad that all that money only buys economy and not first class.

There are many pastors and leaders I need to visit but have not had the chance. I need to do that soon.

I was invited to preach at a church on Sunday. I really do enjoy sharing God’s Word with others. Our directions consisted of “Drive down the main road, turn off the road and go behind the (named) school, we’re right there.” There are no road signs that I’ve seen in the Sepik. All the roads are known by the places where they go. This makes it challenging for someone who doesn’t  know the names of the little villages and schools along the roads.

I knew approximately where this church was, so I drove until we reached the school and turned down a road. I was immediately faced with a huge mud hole in the road which was impassable. I stopped and asked a guy walking along the road if the church was farther up the road. Since he didn’t know, he started asking someone else coming up the road if they knew where the church was. Soon we had a small group of people clustered around the car discussing where the church might be. Eventually someone came along who knew where the church was and pointed us in the right direction. Apparently, we needed to turn down a small dirt side road before we came to the school.

We turned around and found the church. The service started when everyone showed up, which was around 9:30AM. After singing and sharing, it was my turn to share from God’s Word. When everything was done, it was after 12:00. There was a 15 minute break before the communion service started. We already had prior commitments for the afternoon, so we politely excused ourselves and traveled home.

We hope you have a great Christmas!

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