Week in review

Nathanael attended an all day event for missionary youth on Saturday and really enjoyed the teaching and games. The day was run by Nate Bramsen who serves with Rock International and was visiting family here in Wewak. Monday I had the privilege to see more of the Sepik as we travelled around by car. See the pictures and previous post for more information. The rest of the time was spent doing some software programming and helping to install the VSAT (satellite internet). We are so excited to be getting the VSAT since our internet is reliable only about half the time. It’s like an early Christmas present.

Little tree

Our little Christmas tree

Speaking of Christmas, we now have our little tree up and decorated. Our tree is the top half of a 6 foot tree. We had to save on transportation costs somehow! We’re also reading the book called “Jotham’s Journey” for Advent. I highly recommend that book.

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