Week in review

It’s been a fun week rejoicing in what God has accomplished and is doing in uniting the churches to work together. We continue to dream and plan how the Sepik Partnership and Engagement Strategy (SPES) can serve and enable the churches in the Sepik region. One exciting thing that SPES is setting up is a good library for pastors to use to further their understanding of the Bible and to help with spiritual growth.

I had some great discussions this week with different pastors I’ve visited. Some of the questions about the Bible that they ask can be really challenging to answer.

Wom Beach

Day at the beach

We enjoyed Saturday at the beach with many of our friends, except I had itchy welts for several days from the sand flies. Sigh. At least the overwhelming beauty of Papua New Guinea never grows old. Since Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in PNG, we are celebrating it tonight (Friday) with a group of 6 families that span 4 nationalities. Should be fun!

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