Unexpected gift

“Sam, can you come in for a minute?” the young German asked. Inside on the table was a fine specimen of Sepik carving: a man riding on the back of a cassowary. “This was given to us by Benjamin of Yamuk, but we don’t have space to take it back to Germany with us. We would like to give it to you as a thank you for all the help you’ve given us.”

Man on Cassowary

Man on Cassowary

The young German couple had read about Papua New Guinea in a book called “The Lonely Planet” and decided to come and see it for themselves. Soon after they arrived in the country, I found them staying at the guest house where we live. I stopped to chat with them and also suggested some things to do that would help them see the country and people and wouldn’t cost lots of money. Over the next two weeks I saw them occasionally when they were between adventures and talked some more with them. I really enjoyed our talks together.
Now they were giving an unexpected gift. Our lives touch so many people when we take the opportunity to slow down and chat. You never know how you influence others. Nor do you know the blessings you may receive. I hope they had an awesome time in PNG.

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