This Was Not My Plan!

I’ve enjoyed spending the last 8 days in Ukarumpa which means that I spend extra time seeing my son Nathanael who is boarding here for 9th grade. We normally only see him during school breaks. After 8 days of board meetings in Ukarumpa, we were finally done! I arrived home about the same time that he arrived back from school. After hanging out for an hour, we decided to go to the small back yard to have some fun. That’s when my leg decided to buckle sideways and I heard a “snap”. Instantly I knew I had ruptured my ACL ligament in my knee.

I could have been inside playing on my computer, sitting in a chair, or taking a nap. But instead I had a desire to spend time with Nathanael and I was enjoying the time. This weekend I was planning to go to the neighboring village and say hi to all my friends there. In April I was planning to go back to Yabru to finish setting up for the next Oral Bible Storytelling course. I was doing everything right and my plans didn’t include being immobilized for the near future.

It wasn’t part of my plans.

12 years ago I ruptured my ACL in the same leg. I went to Australia (close to Papua New Guinea) and had it repaired. I don’t want to go through that again. For some reason, my plans don’t have a time where I was planning to go to Australia and have this done.

I suppose I should be thinking, “I wonder what God is doing?” and look forward with wonder and anticipation to see how God will use this. Perhaps I will at some point, perhaps it will only be hindsight, or perhaps I will never know why I have to go through this again. But right now it is stunned resignation to what lies ahead.

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