Passam Falls

Sometimes we are able to take a day on the weekends and visit some incredible places. Some people would say most anywhere we go in Papua New Guinea would qualify as unique or incredible! Passam Falls is a 30 minute (under current road conditions) drive away from Wewak and is a series of small waterfalls and pools that provide ample opportunity for fun. After parking the car it is a short hike finishing with a descent down a “hand-leg” mountain. “Hand-Leg” mountains are those mountains that are so steep that you climb using both your hands and your legs.

The rocks are ribbed and “sticky” so you can climb the waterfalls after jumping into the pools below. I think the reason the rocks are not slippery is due to the high limestone content of the water. Not only does it cool you off on a hot day but it truly is a tropical paradise getaway.

Pictures by Stanley.


  1. Ah, yes! I remember the climb down (and back up!) What a fun adventure! 🙂 Been praying for you and your seamless return to life in Wewak.

    • Thanks! Your prayers are very much appreciated. The goodbyes and cultural changes in moving between the USA and PNG never make it seamless, but we are adjusting well.

  2. Thank you for posting these photos- my mother is from Passam and my village name resonates from this area. A favourite place for our family picnics all through the 70s-80s whenever we made our way to the village from Wewak. I found Passam waterfalls to be a magical place as a child.

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