More Goodbyes

Part of our lives is frequently saying goodbye. When we returned to Papua New Guinea in June we said goodbye to all our friends in which we had just invested a year of our lives. Last week consisted of more goodbyes.

Our House

This was our house in Ukarumpa

In 2005 we built our house in Ukarumpa. It provided stability for our family, a place to hold youth group, strong friendships with a neighboring village, a good place to live, and was a real blessing to us while we lived in Ukarumpa. Now God has moved us on to Wewak where we will be for at least the next four years. Most of what we had built and acquired over the years had to be left behind. The house has such a powerful attraction even though possessions are always temporary. Sometimes the things we own inhibit us from trying new things and sometimes they cause us to miss out on God’s leading or His blessings.

Nathanael at Easter

Nathanael enjoys his Easter basket.

Even harder to leave was our oldest son who is starting ninth grade. We left him with a wonderful family so he could attend the international school located in Ukarumpa which is an 1.5 hour flight away (no roads). While it’s nice to no longer have tweaked backs and bruises from impromptu wrestling matches, the house seems empty without him. No more of his antics, funny comments, wisdom and late night talks. There are only three plates on the table for dinner, one bedroom that is empty, no one pushing me to work out, and one less person to say “good night”.

I’m in mourning.

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