To Give or Not to Give

Last Sunday when I was in church, I watched as a cute little two year old girl wandered to the front of the small church. Smiling and glancing back to her mom for approval, she continued to the front where two buckets labeled “tithe” and “offerings” sat on a low bench. The pastor had not called for the offering yet, but the little girl had been holding the money the whole service and just could not wait any longer.

Reaching the front, she looked in each bucket. There was no money in either bucket so she chose the one called “offerings”. She extended her arm into the bottom of the bucket and then withdrew her arm. Her hand still clutched the money. Again she extended her arm and then withdrew it and again her hand was still clutching her money. She did it a third time.

Then she had a great idea! She laid the coins on the low bench and one by one she proceeded to put them into her pocket. When the last coin was in her pocket, she smiled and walked to the back of the church to find something to do.

I couldn’t help but think of the times I acted like that girl.

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