It’s Raining… Inchworms

Inchworms on Tree

The inchworms covered the tree.

Inchworm Reunion

All the inchworms crowd the door to get inside.

Plop, Plop, Plop. I listened to the sound of rain dropping off the tree. However, it wasn’t raining water. It was raining inchworms. Thousands and thousands of inchworms fell from the tree next to our house and inched their way across the grass and up anything they could find.

They wandered over to our house and were baffled by the wall, so they congregated in layers at the base of the wall. All the tree leaves from their tree are gone and thankfully they seem to be very picky eaters, turning up their inchworm noses at any other leaves. After three days of being besieged by them, they finally seem to be thinning out.

Tree Frog

This tree frog has decided to stay.

There is also a green tree frog that has taken up residence on our veranda table. I wouldn’t exactly call him cute but since he isn’t bothering anyone we’ve let him sleep in peace. He’s kind of like a big, green, ugly paperweight you keep around for no apparent reason except that it is somewhat unique.

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