Impulisive action ends up in friendship

Driving to town to meet some pastors, I saw him standing by the corner, waiting for a PMV (Public Motor Vehicle – transportation). It’s really not an unusual thing to see. In a land where most people don’t own cars, many corners and places are occupied with waiting people and the things they carry. There was nothing different about him, but I felt that still, small voice inside saying, “offer a ride”.

Pulling up beside him, I hollered through the window, “Yu go we (You go where)?”. “Mi go long taun (Me go to town)”, he answered. I motioned for him to join me in the car and he quickly accepted, beaming a big smile and no doubt thinking of the PMV fare I had saved him. Exchanging names, he told me he lived on the road I walked on most every day and we made small talk until I dropped him off in town.

Later I was walking down the road and I heard my name called from behind a hedge. Peeking through the bushes, I saw him standing on his verandah waving enthusiastically and showing all his teeth in a big grin as he hollered my name. Recognizing him as my passenger from the day before, I hollered my greetings back to him and returned his wave and smile. I had made another friend.

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