Birthday Week

Family Picture

Our family at Yuo Island on the beach. So many beaches, so little time!

Last week was birthday week for us as our two children both celebrated birthdays. Abigail is 10 and Nathanael is 16. Now that Nathanael is 16 he is now allowed to …. well, nothing different than when he was 15. I think that you have to be 18 in this country to get your driver’s licence and with the challenging driving conditions and no car (we have no car), it may be a struggle to get a PNG drivers licence before he heads to college.

We’ve been pushing hard to be ready to go to Yabru for another Oral Bible Storytelling workshop. We will be there for three weeks in mosquito heaven and will have no internet, phone, or email contact (gasp!) while there. There is some solar power and running water when the rain fills the water tanks or you hand crank the water to the header tank. It’s a different world but we are looking forward to being there.

We will be working with people from six different language groups to help them learn the Bible stories of Christmas and to be able to tell them in their language. None of these language groups have a written alphabet for their language. Some of them became Christians at the last workshop as they started interacting and working with stories from the Bible. Several of them received their first Bible (in the national language) and we had a class on how to navigate and find things in the Bible.

It should be exciting to see what happens this time.

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  1. Apparently you can get your learners at 16 but we are waiting until they do Driver’s Ed at school.

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