Papua New Guinea is called “The land of the unexpected”. There are many ways that this is true!


How would you like to take a shower with this fellow?

When my son went to wash, he found this big spider in the bathroom. I’m not really sure what kind of spider it is, though it looks like a tarantula to me. I sprayed it with bug killer expecting it to keel over, but instead it took off to someplace unknown. Apparently, bug killer takes a while to work when applied to spiders. We found it dead the next morning in my daughter’s room.


Two kulaus sit by my door.

We went to town and when we came back, we found two kulaus by our front door. Kulaus are unripe coconuts full of liquid that really hits the spot on hot days. It looks like a friend dropped in while I was gone and left me a small gift. Giving and receiving small gifts is a sign of friendship in Papua New Guinea. It is common to take a small gift and drop in on someone to chat for a while. The kulaus brought a dance to my heart because I knew I had a friend who was thinking of me.

We were with some friends Friday night roasting hot dogs over an open fire and looking at the stars. Suddenly a large, red, flaming ball went across the sky to the east. It was illuminated for several seconds. It was a large meteor that made quite a show! It was really special to see one so big for as long as we did.

Living in PNG is full of special opportunities and experiences I would never get elsewhere. It’s good to count the blessings amidst the spiders.

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