Orchids in Papua New Guinea – Real Beauty

I know this isn’t my usual topic of writing, but one of the things about living in Papua New Guinea is the sheer beauty of nature all around me. I never get tired of the breathtaking scenery and my orchids are blooming right now, so I thought I would share them with you.

Orchids in Papua New Guinea      Orchids-In-Papua-New-Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, and orchids are no exception. There are over 3000 different orchids in Papua New Guinea and more being discovered every year. They are a regular decorative flower here in the Sepik and are grown quite easily. I love the blooms and seeing the delicate flowers. I even found some on a tree in our yard and planted them! We have multiple orchid “stakes” around the property that give a regular supply of blooms.

Orchids are parasitic plants and grow in trees from the nutrients in the bark and the water in the air. They like indirect sunlight and lots of humidity.

Orchids-In-Papua-New-GuineaHow to take care of orchids in tropical places

Orchids are really easy to grow here since we have the ideal growing conditions. All you need to do is to make a small cage of wire and put coconut husks or bark in it. You can also put a stake in the ground and tie coconut husks to the stake. Take the orchid and put the roots between the coconut husks. Make sure it gets rain water or you water it often. Orchids prefer indirect sunlight. They really are easy to grow.


How to take care of orchids indoors

Plant the orchids in a mix of bark and Sphagnum peat moss. Place them where they get indirect sunlight. You will probably need to water them about once a week but only water the roots. They like 50% to 70% humidity so mist them occasionally. Different orchid species like slightly different conditions, but most are easy to grow indoors as well.

I hope you enjoy the orchid pictures!

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