Culture – Pointing at the Road

The last culture post asked the question about what holding hands with the same sex means in Papua New Guinea. If you have someone of the same sex that you are good friends with, you would hold their hand while you talk to them. It is simply a sign of friendship. This does tend to make people in the USA really nervous when you forget to let go! You would never hold hands with people of the opposite sex, even your spouse.

Here’s the question for this week. Picture is below.

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Man pointing at road

Man pointing at road


  1. To be distinguished from the same gesture but with arm slightly lower, which means, “Hi, I don’t know you, but I’m happy to see another person passing by so I will be friendly and wave and make you a little bit confused as to what my hand gesture means.” This one is by far the most common gesture on the road between Kainantu and Goroka.

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