Culture – Extra Food at the Market

Under the house

At this place, we were entertained under the house!

The last cultural question was why someone entertained you on the veranda instead of inviting you into their home. For most PNG people, a house is only to store things in, to sleep in at night, and in some places where you eat. Outside is where you live. The veranda or a “house wind” (open walled small building) is a normal place to entertain guests. I often see our neighbors taking an afternoon nap on their veranda and the kids rarely spend time inside the house. Many villages have dirt around the house instead of grass and they regularly sweep the dirt to keep it free of leaves, twigs, and debris. Outside is an extension of your house.

For this week’s question, you are buying food at a market. You buy all the avocados you want but when you have finished paying for them, the seller hands you five more. You already have all you want and you don’t want any more.

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