About Sam And Deb

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Sam, Deb, Abigail, and Nathanael Smucker Working in Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 2001

Meet the Smuckers

What would you know about God if you could only tell stories?

A lot! The Bible is one long story that shares God’s plan, who He is, and who we should be.

Papua New Guinea is an oral society, so stories are the primary way that knowledge and truth are passed on to others.

Since 2012, we have been teaching people in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea to learn God’s stories and tell them in their own language. Thirty-five new languages now have some of God’s story in their own language!

We never expected to do this. Sam joined Wycliffe as an aviation mechanic, but has since found that his passion and heart is in teaching and training others. And the results have been amazing!

People are becoming Christians, churches planted and strengthened, and lives discipled through stories and other teaching such as Culture Meets Scripture and Trauma Healing.

Why the name “Lives Of Sand”?

Cause all the other good ones were taken!

The other reasons are that the first letter of the people in my family (Sam, Abigail, Nathanael, Deb) make the word “sand”, so ‘Lives Of Sand’ would mean ‘our lives’. The last reason is that life here is so short and fragile. It shifts and sways until the waves of time wash over and carry it away.

Why I’m writing:

There are two reasons for writing this blog. One is all the unique and strange things that seem to happen in my life. My life has been full of changes and new directions as God leads me step by step. I like writing, and this gives me an outlet to share those things.

The second is to give another way that people can know more about what we do in Papua New Guinea. Grandma is always looking for more contact with us! We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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